Add or invite someone to a stream

You might want to add a user to a particular stream that they haven't subscribed to yet so that they can send and read messages in that stream. In Zulip, you can add users to a public stream even if you aren't subscribed to that particular stream, but you must be subscribed to a private stream in order to invite a user to join that stream.

You can add users to streams, both public and private, that you're subscribed to.

  1. Find the relevant stream on the Streams page. You can search for specific streams by entering the name of the stream in the Filter streams input.

    If you wish to see streams that you aren't subscribed to, click on the All streams tab; the tab will turn gray upon doing so.

  2. Click on the stream that you want to add someone to; the right side of the Streams page, labeled Stream settings, will now display the selected stream's settings.

  3. After making sure that your cursor is hovering over the Streams Settings section, scroll down to the Stream membership section. This section shows the usernames and emails of all users that are currently subscribed to the selected stream.

  4. Click on the input field labeled Email address and enter the username or email address of the user you want to add to the stream.

    As you type, autocompletion suggestions will appear. You can choose to select an option from the autocompletion dropdown or enter the complete email address of the user.

  5. Once the email address is entered in the Email address field, click the Add button to add the user to the stream.

  6. After you press the Add button, the user will be listed in the Stream membership section, confirming that they have been successfully added to the stream.