Import users and channels from Slack

Follow the following steps to import users and channels from Slack to Zulip.

Note: Please ensure that you have admin rights before importing users and channels from Slack.

  1. Generate a Slack API token using Slack's test token generator to import all of the necessary data.

  2. Go to the Your Account tab of the Settings page.

  3. Click on the Show/change your API key button.

  4. Upon clicking the Show/change your API key button, you will be asked to confirm your identity by entering your password in the Current password field.

  5. Click the Get API Key button and copy the generated API Key.

  6. Fill all of the settings in api/integrations/slack/

    • SLACK_TOKEN - the token from point number 1.

    • ZULIP_USER - the e-mail of the user (the user that API key was generated for).

    • ZULIP_KEY - the API key from point number 4.

    • ZULIP_SITE - the Zulip API server URI.

  7. Install the slacker dependency using the command pip install slacker

  8. Finally, run the script in your local Zulip directory using the command python api/integrations/slack/

Importing users from a different organization

If the users are not from the same organization, you should change your organization settings accordingly.

  1. Go to the Organization settings tab of the Manage organization page.

  2. Disable the Restrict new users to the following email domains option.