Remove someone from a stream

Note: This feature can only be controlled by organization administrators.

Zulip allows you to remove users from streams to help manage your Zulip team.

  1. Find the relevant stream on the Streams page. You can search for specific streams by entering the name of the stream in the Filter streams input.

    If you wish to see streams that you aren't subscribed to, click on the All streams tab; the tab will turn gray upon doing so.

  2. After making sure that your cursor is hovering over the Streams Settings section, scroll down to the Stream membership section. This section shows all users that are subscribed to a particular stream.

  3. Click the Unsubscribe button to the right of the user you want to remove from the stream.

  4. After clicking the Unsubscribe button, the member will disappear from the Stream membership section, confirming the removal of the user from the stream.